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The Journey To Become A Professional Dancer

May 28, 2014

The journey to become a professional dancer takes many twists and turns.  Here at Ballet North, our program is built on a very solid classical dance foundation because we are total believers in all the wonderful benefits of studying this nearly perfect movement language: excellent posture, muscle conditioning and elongation, greatly enhanced balance, coordination and poise, and of course self confidence and self respect gleaned from the knowledge you have learned and mastered something that is challenging, athletic and at the same time artistic - REGARDLESS of whether or not our students and dancers "go pro" or not.  

For some, the desire or "spark" to take it even farther takes hold and this is where another branch of the journey begins.  A significant and essential part of following through this branch and discovering if you have it in you to become a professional dancer is the attending of major, National-level multi-week summer intensives where a …