Enroll NOW For 2014-2015 Classes Starting Saturday July 5

From Matthew Reinschmidt, Director at Ballet North:

Ballet North has the new class schedule now posted at balletnorth.com for the 2014-2015 year, which will take effect Saturday July 5.

Being a classical ballet program, we do NOT take summers off, NOTHING actually halts, and our program does not actually start up new but instead continually evolves in an organic manner as students and levels progress.  What we do in July is just "flip" or change any times as needed to accommodate today's ever shifting world of school day schedules, work schedules, and the balancing act all parents have to manage.  In order to keep this as sane as possible, we only do these adjustments one time per year, which is in the gap between our June performances (this year that's Beauty and the Beast on June 13 and 14, 7:30 pm at Liberty North PAC, tickets are available in advance by clicking HERE) and the July 4th holiday.  And, since no one is in school and no other major holidays happen, the first week of July is about the least disruptive point during the year we can accomplish this!

Also keep in mind that since many students will have been moved around to new levels, and everyone will have had a solid 2 weeks off (which is long enough - just try not practicing the violin for 4 or 8 or 12 weeks and then attempt to play Mozart!) our July 5 date behaves a lot like a start or return to class commencement, making it the perfect time for new students to get started.

Please complete your registration by selecting the Registration item on the top right side of this blog, and as well if you submit it in the first 3 days of the month, you can now set up your automatic tuition by selecting the correct tuition rate also on the right side of this blog.  If you have any questions please do feel free to ask by calling us at 816-454-4859 or by email at ballet.north@gmail.com before you push any buttons! 

NOTE: Vaganova level students (ages 10 and up) MUST take an audition class before starting; automatic tuition enrollment is only available for Pre-Ballet levels ages 3 through 9. 

Here's looking forward to a very exciting year in 2014-2015!

(Matthew and Laura Reinschmidt, Directors, Ballet North Inc)