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NEW Pre-Ballet Class Ages 5 and Up!

Google+ September 20, 2013

Ballet North has cracked the code!

A BRAND NEW Pre-Ballet class will be offered at an easy to get to time!

Pre-Ballet Ages 5 and up: Tuesdays from 5 pm - 5:45 pm

We know that busing and school schedules have played havoc with everyone's weeknight scheduling, so we are pleased to start this time for NEW STUDENTS who want to start ballet but cannot make it to an earlier time during the week due to those doggone buses!

Tuition is $55 for this new class and the class will most likely be extended to one hour after a few sessions just so we can allow these still young students to get used to their new ballet class!  Once the class is extended to 1 hour the tuition will be the usual rate of $65 per month.  

NOTE: this class is for NEW STUDENTS ONLY or for missed class make-ups, but is NOT available for transfers from existing classes until this new class gets started for 1 month. 

Register online for this class 24/7 by clicking the Class Registration button…

Newform Adult Conditioning at Ballet North


New! Ballet North NEWFORM for Adults
Exercise for Adults who want to:

+ Increase flexibility & Stamina

+ Strengthen core muscles

+ Improve Balance and Coordination
6-week Introduction to Yoga Class Taught by: Laura Reinschmidt
Saturdays   9:00 – 10:00 am
October 5th – November 9th* $60.00
6-week Introduction to Ballet for Adults Taught by Matthew Reinschmidt
Mondays 6:10 – 7:10 pm
October 7th – November 11th* $60.00 *Registration Deadline October 1st. 6-week Winter & Spring sessions January 4-February 8 , andApril 5 – May 10th
Register online BEFORE October 1 using the Newform Yoga or Newform Ballet items to the right of this posting!