Flip Flops Are HAZARDOUS...

NEVER Wear Flip-Flops!

Quite possibly the worst thing you can do for the structure of your foot - short of running your feet over with a car or dropping a sledge hammer on them - is wearing the flip-flop type of sandal.  In order to walk around in flip-flops all the lower leg muscles have to tense up a bit, the toes must knuckle under  all the time to hold on to the sandal, and the arch is given no support while all the lower leg tenses and the toes knuckle under.  The result?  Dropped arches, stressed ankles and Achilles tendons, and very bad habits with the toes all being caused or reinforced at the same time.

If you are at a summer camp or in a college dormitory or otherwise where a shower facility must be shared with other people then flip flops are golden because wearing them in the shower can avoid your feet getting planters' warts, athletes foot infections, and other types of spreadable infections.  But other than using them to avoid shower and locker room borne infections, flip flops will definitely stiffen and interfere with the structure of the foot in all the wrong ways.  So, do not wear them to walk around in at school or work or going to the movies, wear shoes or real sandals!