KC Dance Festival Coming Soon - Check Out These Videos!

It was really great to host KC Dance Festival today at the Ballet North Studios as they prepare for their first annual event at the Spencer Theater, UMKC, on June 28 & 29 at 7:30 pm. 
KC Dance Festival is being worked on by Anthony Krutzcamp, Jill Marlow, Rachel Coats and Jon Upleger during rehearsal today, and we filmed a couple of real short clips to tease you with what dynamic and enthralling material they are working on.
PLEASE NOTE: KC Dance Festival is NOT per se a family event, it is a performance all about the range and expression professional dancers can create with their art.
Go to http://kcdancefestival.com to find out more!

For tickets to KC Dance Festival, click this: https://tickets.cto.umkc.edu/public/show.asp

Check out these two short clips to get a taste of the awesome dance pieces they are preparing while doing their rehearsal at Ballet North Inc today: