The Boys Can Dance Initiative - Phase 1 by Ballet North

The Boys Can Dance Initiative - BCDI - Phase 1:
Ballet is Awesome!

Published by: Ballet North in Gladstone, Missouri

Here are some examples of men doing ballet, two are from major international stars and one is from a man from Missouri.  We think it is awesome to watch and a blast to do!  Ballet does NOT mean "girls only".  Sure, you have to practice and get sore to dance like these clips show, but how is that different from overheating and passing out wearing pads and helmets, with perhaps a lot of other sweaty players piled on top of you?  Yes, men do wear tights on stage but then so do football players, wrestlers, gymnasts, nearly all athletes except swimmers who wear even less than that.  Just saying.  So, come on dads, get over this prejudice!

PLUS there is no problem with concussions, brain damage, criminal thug behavior, or a 65%+ bankruptcy rate among retired ballet dancers like there is among some other pursuits people seem more than willing to sacrifice their boys to...the chances of anyone in little league ever being a pro are even more remote than the chances of a ballet student becoming a professional dancer, so any way you look at it this idea that your son should not do ballet is highly mistaken!

The added benefits of all that flexibility and agility also mean your hamstrings and lower back stay flexible later in life and so in your 40's you don't have chronic back problems and blown hamstrings like a lot of former jocks out there.  Hardly something to dismiss!

Ballet North has classes available for all age ranges beginning Saturday July 6, 2013 INCLUDING boys!  Get your sons involved in ballet and trust us, you won't be sorry!

Check our class schedule for all the available class times at and clicking on "Website" then "Menu" then "2014 Class Schedule".