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Some Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions that seem to come up the most often as students and families decide to get started in ballet, so we thought posting them and their answers here might be of assistance.  Hope it helps!

How young do you take students?
We accept students as young as 3 years of age.  This is the youngest age where real learning can be demonstrated to take place and the youngest age where students can successfully work in a real class setting.

What is ballet technique?
Ballet itself can trace back to late 1300's Italy as a means for operatic dance to blend with the rest of an opera to assist in the telling of the story set to some type of melody. Currently there are 4 or 5 main branches of classical ballet technique: Balanchine (arguably more of a style than an actual technique), Bournonville (Netherlands), Cecchetti (Italian), R.A.D (Royal Academy of Dance, London England) and Vaganova or "Russian" technique.  Our program is built around the Vaganova type of technique which is what trained Baryshnikov, Nureyev and numerous incredible dancers in companies throughout the world today.  In a nutshell and very over simplified, ballet technique teaches you how to move in almost any way imaginable with any combination of arm, leg and head positions all the while keeping your body right over the balance point of your foot which is about a nickel to quarter sized zone under the ball of your foot in proximity to your big toe.  That may sound simple, but learning to do this is not something that can be figured out at home, or learned in a quick study of 1 or 2 weeks.  

Can't we just learn ballet in a combo class?
No, you absolutely can NOT do this.  Ballet is actually complex, is set to melodic musical structures not computer driven pop culture music rhythms, and has a technique to it just as in-depth as classical violin or guitar - so in order to learn it you need to study just ballet consistently for a duration of time.  That's the truth - any other approach is just not going to work.  Again using music as an example, think about this: how far do you really get with just one year of piano lessons if you then quit for 1 or 2 years to do something else?  When you come back to piano after bouncing to some other activities for a while, you'll just have to start all over again.  

Isn't Ballet too expensive?
It's hard to know how to answer this one.  First off, the tried-and-true axiom definitely applies to this question: you really do get what you pay for.  Bargain shopping for activities that influence the muscular and intellectual development of your child is not a very good idea.  However, a classical ballet program like the one at Ballet North which avoids competitions in favor of learning usually turns out to be less expensive - sometimes significantly less expensive - in total costs than competition dance schools AND you will NEVER see inappropriate costuming or shocking body movements from any of our 6, 7 or 17 year olds.  EVER.  In our program there are NO multi-dance entrance fees, solo entrance fees, rehearsal fees, airfare, hotel and travel expenses and so on which keeps the total real cost of classical ballet definitely affordable. We feel that dance and ballet in particular are art forms not sports, and so the idea of being judged for points and winning a plastic trophy or nylon ribbon like you see on some of those awful TV shows out there really don't belong associated with ballet at all.  Furthermore, if you choose to perform in the yearly June events that are open to the entire program, you obviously do buy a costume for that - and that's about the limit of your expenses besides your regular monthly tuition which is itself usually cheaper per hour than a babysitter!  Is ballet the cheapest thing out there?  Probably not.  Is ballet the most expensive thing out there?  Definitely not!!!

Do I have to sign a contract like with a cellphone company?
We keep this very simple - we do require a 7 business day advance notice before any withdrawal from class.  Otherwise, you are under no obligation to continue if it becomes necessary to halt taking class regardless of the reason such as a job transfer, moving out of town, etc. And if you choose to participate in a June performance (which is always totally optional) then you need to avoid European vacations, trips to Disneyland, or any other absences during the 4 weeks leading up to the performance.  That should not sound bad or unreasonable to anyone!  We think practically everyone can easily abide by these simple conditions that let us run our program in a successful, sustainable and reliable way for all.  

"Ballet is so 'serious', I'm not sure my child is ready for all that..." 
While this isn't technically a question, it does seem like a concern that comes up from time to time and we are puzzled by this notion that classical ballet is somehow too serious or not fun in some way.  Granted, we do keep out everything inappropriate from our classes which means nearly every kind of sensational wiggle-giggle move or dance on MTV or Uproxx or in a music video or the like never shows up in our classes - hopefully that is something you would appreciate and feel good about!  We also do run classes where students understand they need to keep talking to a minimum and pay attention to what is being taught and not bother each other - that just seems like what a good class should be no matter what you are learning.  We find that our students enjoy a class with some discipline and focus to it because that means you actually learn things and can tell you are progressing in class and that is in itself very enjoyable and fun to do.  We feel that is just what a good class should be - being able to run around, chase each other, talk and chit chat and carry on is what you do when having fun outside or playing with friends in the backyard, we don't think any class should look like playtime.  

Why do you take class in the summer?
Since students are not in school all week long we noticed that the summer is prime time to easily make a lot of very exciting progress with the learning of ballet simply because everyone's got more energy!  Plus, taking an entire summer off really interferes with your body's retention of the muscle memory of the balletic steps that were studied.  For children it is especially true that with ballet, "use it or lose it!"  All students are automatically enrolled year round including July and August, unless like explained above an advance notice of stopping with class is given.  Otherwise, there's no extra fees or papers to sign, you just keep coming to your classes! 

Can my son/daughter join the Ballet North company?
The Ballet North company is comprised of dancers ages 13 and up who audition to join, minimum technical standards apply to this.  Auditions are held each August usually during the last week of the month.  Ballet North company members get an extra 4 hours of coaching and rehearsal time each Saturday and will perform between 12 and 17 times per year.  Anyone can audition to be in the company so long as they can successfully demonstrate they meet the minimum technique standards and are at least about 13 years old.  Overall this is a very similar format to the Metropolitan Youth Symphony, only with ballet instead of music.

What is your dance floor made out of?
All our dance floors are sprung wood designed to absorb the energy and shock of your foot hitting the floor without causing any bruising or soreness to the foot or ankle.  We accomplish this by using 1.5 inch thick flatboards, 2x4 joists and high-density foam rubber pads to "float" all our floors off the concrete sub-floor completely, then we put a Harlequin constant-traction dance surface on top of that.

Isn't Ballet dangerous like gymnastics or sports?
We can very confidently say the answer to this is NO!!!  It is also amazing to think about that despite the fact ballet dancers move, spin, leap, balance, lift other people over their heads and do all kinds of extremely physically active and challenging movements, the injury rate in ballet is exceptionally low.  Or put another way, with things like gymnastics no matter how talented you are, you WILL get injured - there's no way around it no matter how good you are.  Virtually everyone that does gymnastics will get hurt and many will get hurt very badly or even crippled.  Same goes with soccer - just look at all the nasty leg, head and back injuries that happened live on TV during the 2014 World Cup!  In ballet, it is entirely possible that you never get injured.  To be clear, a blister or a bruised toe nail, things of that sort, we do not count as injuries.  And getting sore muscles is also not an injury!  

The things like badly sprained ankles, broken tail bones, torn ligaments, torn tendons, torn muscles, arthritis, broken bones, dislocated joints, concussions, spinal trauma, paralysis, broken back, broken neck, those sorts of things are real injuries and those injuries are quite common in gymnastics and many sports like soccer - just think about that!!!  
Injuries like these are rare to non-existent in ballet, it's as simple as that.
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Dance Camp 1 ages 4-5:

A comprehensive Ballet camp! Learn about classical ballet, daily ballet class, pantomime, nutrition, art projects, the works! SNACK PROVIDED. 9:30 am - 11:00 am Monday - Friday; July 6 - July 10, 2015

Tuition: $65

Dance Camp 2 ages 6-7:

A more detailed ballet camp with daily ballet class, pantomime, art projects, choreography, nutrition, the whole nine yards! SNACKS PROVIDED. 9:30 am - 11:30 am Monday - Friday; July 13 - July 17, 2015

Tuition: $75

Dance Camp 3 ages 8-10:

A detailed exploration of the wonderful world of ballet with daily ballet class, art projects, choreography projects and a choreography presentation on the last day, nutrition, injury prevention, a very thorough camp! SNACK PROVIDED. Monday - Friday 9:30 am - 12:00 pm; July 20 - July 24, 2015

Tuition: $85  


A high-intensity, 10-day program for the more dedicated student of classical ballet and dance ages "about" 12 and up, the Ballet North Summer Ballet Intensive will run from Monday June 22 to Friday July 3, 2015 Monday - Friday and Monday-Friday (NO Saturday or Sunday sessions) from 9:30 am - 3:00 pm.

Participants of the Intensive will take daily Ballet technique, Pointe and conditioning classes; study Modern and classic Jazz dance; and take Tap/Character classes each day of the 10 day program.

The faculty for this program are truly excellent:

Melissa Mason, a high-energy dancer in her own right, will teach the Modern and Jazz class.
Melissa Mason in flight
Ballet North instructors such as Matthew Reinschmidt will present the technique, pointe and conditioning classes

Registration may be done online using the Ballet Intensive button to the right of this post. Registration deadline is June 5, 2015.  


Tuition: $655


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