Cinderella Masquerade Ball A Big Success

January 27, 2013

The Cinderella Masquerade Ball was held at Ballet North on Saturday January 26 and Sunday January 27, 2013.  Lori LeMunyon worked with Ballet North extensively and developed the concept of how the event would run - Ballet North sends a very big thank you to Lori!

Pictured below Ballet North Artistic Director Laura Reinschmidt, Meredith Crouch as Cinderella, and event organizer Lori LeMunyon; Laura Reinschmidt with Meredith Crouch as Cinderella, and Kristin Smith as Cinderella

Please find below the images from the Ball.  Definitely peruse through them all because there are some fun surprises waiting in there! They are broken up into five segments:

Saturday Company Practice

Saturday Pictures with Cinderella

Saturday May Pole

Sunday Pictures with Cinderella

Sunday May Pole

Also, Ballet North extends the sincerest thanks to the following persons who greatly assisted with this fantastic event (in no particular order):

Jennifer McIntire, Ty Ho, Stephanie Soltis, Lauri Robertson-Ortiz, Kathy Smith, Mark Hawkins, Hannah Luzicka, Luke Luzicka, Angela Rice, the Mendoza family, Tammy Peoples, Debby Gupta, Barbara Volz.

A fun, wonderful time was had by all - BRAVO to everyone!

Ballet North presents Cinderella Friday and Saturday June 14 and 15, 2013, at the Liberty North Performing Arts Center.  Tickets available on or after April 14, 2013!