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Ballet North Members Talk About Their Summer Intensive Experiences

July 28, 2012
Ballet North in Kansas City Missouri

Celebrating the marvelous achievement that seven youth members of Ballet North were accepted to summer ballet programs held by major ballet companies (which audition thousands of students but take 200 or less per year nationwide) Ballet North held a Facebook interview with some of these young dancers while they are attending these programs.  One of the things that can demonstrate the quality and effectiveness of the ballet technique being taught by any ballet program is whether or not other ballet companies accept students of that program into their summer intensive programs.  The fun part of it all is that these renown summer intensives bring many teachers in of all technical styles of classical ballet, modern ballet and movement study in general meaning that the dancers who attend them get a powerful dose of ballet cross-training for nearly 6 weeks in some cases.  Attending American Ballet Theater, Boston Ballet, Harid Conservatory…