Ballet North - How To Make A Perfect Arabesque

Ballet North company member Kristin Smith in a first arabesque pique en pointe after private coaching with Artistic Director Laura Reinschmidt.

The secret is to first of all take the appropriate ballet technique classes which lay the foundation for controlling the ankles, hips, and most of all spine.  Follow that with introductory pointe work and the absolute necessity of learning how to correctly break-in pointe shoes because they do form to the foot as they are worn.  A good diet high in proteins and fiber/complex carbohydrates and fluids but low in "junk" calories - this type of "green" or better yet organic diet greatly helps the body develop and retain muscle conditioning without unnecessary weight gain OR loss (A more thorough description can be found here).  Is there a magic bullet?  Yes - correct training over an extended period of time along with expert private coaching as needed.  Is there one thing you can do to leap-frog your progress?  No, just like with academics ballet really only works with regular study that develops good habits and not with a "cliff's notes" or cramming-for-the-test approach.  

Hip hop, Tap, Tumbling, Gymnastics - none of these play any role in achieving movements like what is shown above. Kristin is 15 years old and for a side-by-side reference there is the alternative brought to you by any and all combo-class or competition schools...also know that the average participant in competition dance spends $3,000 per year or more on the competition fees, team fees, various entrance and dance fees and so forth outside of whatever tuition for classes you pay that teach your daughter to look like these girls do: 

The great thing about Ballet is that when it is done correctly no one needs to tell you how good it is or neat it was, you can plainly see it for your self.