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Classical Ballet and Natural Foods vs. Hip Hop and Processed Foods

November 3, 2011
by Ballet North

It may seem a stretch - no pun intended - but there is an increasingly clear, strong association between successful or limited child development and the consumption of a natural foods based diet or a processed, artificial or "junk" food diet.  Conditions such as allergies, sinus problems, hyper-activity and even Attention Deficit Disorder are all strongly linked to consuming too much processed or junk-type foods by children which are very high in sugars, saturated fats, and low in fiber, vitamins, and good quality proteins.  One of the directors of Ballet North had severe allergies as a child which required weekly allergy shots and was also hyper-active until being placed on a natural foods diet very low in sugar and based on what is today called "organic" foods.  This dietary change eliminated the need for the allergy shots and stopped the hyper-active and nearly ADD symptoms.

The similarity between these two diets - one of proces…