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Advanced Summer Intensive at Ballet North

Ballet North hosts the Advanced Summer Intensive Ballet program June 20 - June 24 at the Ballet North studios.

A full day of technique, choreography, pointe, variations and sessions on turns, leaps, pantomime - a comprehensive and exhiliarating session awaits all those who are a bit more serious about their ballet training and want to get ahead over the summer rather than getting out of shape!

The program runs Monday - Friday 9:30 am to 3:00 pm.  Tuition is $265.  Students MUST already be taking at least 2 ballet technique classes weekly and/or be 13 years of age and up. 

Use our Google Checkout to the right of this posting to submit tuition and register for the program.  Questions please email

Advanced Summer Intensive instructors will be Artistic Director Laura Reinschmidt, Hannah Luzicka, Tara Skorupa and Matthew Reinschmidt.  This instruction team has a proven history of training dancers who are accepted to world-renowned ballet programs like School of Ameri…