A Victory for Cultural Arts in Schools

December 29th, 2011

Ballet North in Kansas City

A victory for cultural arts in public schools has been won this November and December by way of the Nutcracker School Tour presented by Ballet North performing at 6 area schools despite the challenging economic environment.  Kellybrook Elementary, Warren Hills Elementary and Alexander Doniphan Elementary in the Liberty Missouri School District; Bell Prairie in the North Kansas City School District; Chinn Elementary in the Park Hill School District and Orrick Elementary located in Orrick Missouri all participated in this year's tour.  Ballet North wishes to thank these public schools and teachers for their involvement and willingness to bring cultural arts to thousands of students, many of whom will never attend performing arts events, despite very trying circumstances that all school districts face.  All told some 3,500 elementary students participated in the Nutcracker School Tour 2011.  

In addition, the Kearney School District and Lakewood Elementary and Oakwood Manor Elementary in the North Kansas City School District all wanted performances as well but due to logistics and time constraints it was not possible for Ballet North to present to them this year; such wide demand does signal a strong resolve among public school educators to bring cultural arts to students under almost any circumstances.

Ballet North commends all the volunteers who made this extremely successful Nutcracker School Tour possible: (in random order) Mark Hawkins, Jeaneen Cover, Kathy Smith, Jennifer McIntire, Jack Crouch, Regina Petrosova, Dana Adams, Mary Lee, Ty Ho, Christine Crouch, Sherry Samples, Kerry Smith, Angela Langford, Carmelo Blazekovic and Heidi Luebbert.