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Ballet North: Child Exploitation Is Not Art Communique

Recent news coverage and video of what is being passed off as "dance" has compelled Ballet North to release this communique explaining the definition of what is art and what is exploitation.

Simply put, legally any child under 18 years of age and realistically absolutely any child under 14 years of age cannot possibly understand the consequences and meaning behind any public performance which uses sex or sexuality as a primary or secondary element of the presentation.

It must be said that if you place your child knowingly into such events then you are engaging in child exploitation. It is not funny or cute or some how trendy or fashionable - it is just plain sick.

The western world is strongly against child labor and the various types of labor exploitation that appear rampant in the developing world but this moral authority is completely compromised by the western world's equally nefarious allowance and almost celebration of child exploitation under the guise of &quo…