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Why We Don't Do Bogus Awards

It seems there are a lot of "echo chamber" awards in all levels of the entertainment and arts industries from the really campy local-yo-cal publications like Home in the Northland where the awards for best of this or best of that are totally a function of any given business' members or followers voting to win the award and count coup on it but with absolutely no quality judgment of any sort being present (so what is an 'award' like that worth?) all the way up to mega awards given by outfits from MTV to even the Oscars. TV ratings which have fallen year on year for years on all these awards shows tell the story there. And again, no independent 3rd party rated anything, so what is it that was won?

Many people relish awards so they can flaunt them in front of others but at Ballet North we fundamentally disagree with this because it simply KILLS actual achievement and bears no resemblance of any sort to commitment and excellence. For that you need someone from the …