Ballet North celebrates the diversity of young dancers

October 27, 2010

Ballet North is extremely pleased to announce that there are now present among it's young dancers all major groups of the human family: Native American, White/Caucasian, Hispanic/Latino, Black/African-American and Asian.

States Matthew Reinschmidt, one of the Directors of Ballet North: "When you see all the races of humanity present at the same time in the same place and all doing excellent work together, you really get a sense of something greater going on and also how profoundly beautiful humanity really is when brought together."

This diversity bodes very well for Ballet as well because like all forms of art Ballet benefits from having all types of people, culture and history present in it. "That's what keeps any art form a truly living art" states Reinschmidt.

Classes are open for enrollment and the company is presently getting Nutcracker and Watermark ready for November and December performances.