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A REAL Diet, or advice like that

September 11th, 2009

Strange as it may seem on this anniversary of 9/11 the subject of diet, specifically what foods to eat (instead of diet as in counting calories) has come up and so Ballet North thought it would be good to provide the following tips:

1) VEGETABLES. Yes, vegetables - there is no substitute for their natural fiber and anti-oxidants which are both almost 100% absorbed by the body; supplements are doing good to reach 30% absorbability in most cases. Eat your greens!

2) PROTEIN. The human body absolutely needs high quality protein. Be it lean beef in moderation, cooked white fish (for a limited risk of heavy metals like you find with, for example, tuna) poultry or vegetable sources like soy. Don't skimp on protein, your athletic performance and endurance will suffer greatly if you do.

3) Fruit & Carbohydrates: We all love them, and fruit is yummy to boot, just don't go crazy. A sugar rush is a sugar rush whether you eat too many grapes or too much pasta o…

Ballet North: Pre-Ballet Classes Extended to Northeast Kansas City

September 10, 2009


Ballet North announces the extension of Pre-Ballet Classes for children ages 3 to 9 to the Northeast Kansas City vicinity.

Thanks to space being available in the Activity Room of the Baha'i Faith Center, classes can now be offered for underserved children ages 3 to 9 at the facility located on Independence Avenue.

Classes will begin in November of 2009; the exact location is:

Baha'i Faith Center
(Activity Room)
6515 Independence Avenue,
Kansas City MO 64125

To inquire and enroll, please call 816-454-4859 or email at

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Ballet North Nutcracker School Tour places and dates announced

Ballet North has announced places and dates for the upcoming Nutcracker School Tour 2009. Nutcracker School Tour brings the wonder of Petipa's choreographic masterpiece and the power of Tchaikovsky's timeless score along with a complete traveling set with backdrops, flooring, lighting, sound and costumes straight to your school's campus avoiding the punitive cost and burden associated with transporting students.

Dates and places are as follows:

December 4, 2009
Richmond MO School District

December 11, 2009
Union Chappel Elementary
Bell Prairie Elementary

December 18, 2009
Plattsburg School District
St Therese Northland campus

For information and to book a school tour performance at your location, please call 816-454-4859 or email to