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Ballet North: Parkville Teen Earns Major Arts Scholarship

August 1st, 2009

Ballet North announces that Howard McKee, resident of Parkville, MO and member of Ballet North, has been awarded a full dance, 1/2 academic and full room and board scholarship to the Rock School of Ballet, one of the nation's leading ballet and performing arts schools.

This represents a major achievement for Mr McKee as each year thousands audition just for the Rock's summer intensive program, which only accepts around 200 students. The year round program which just awarded him this scholarship is even harder to achieve. The granting of this scholarship represents the culmination of years of hard work and determination on Mr McKee's part, and the Artistic Director of Ballet North, Laura Reinschmidt, is very proud of him.

States Mrs Reinschmidt:
"For young men in the arts world and especially ballet, being able to pursue your technical development in order to go professional and compete with the huge pool of talent from all over the world, if that is wha…