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Ballet in Kansas City presents a brief history of ballet

Ballet North in Kansas City gladly presents a very brief history of ballet's origins.

Italian men started it all off, a long time ago...

Ballet originated in the Renaissance court as an outgrowth of court pageantry in Italy circa the late 1300's into the mid-1400's, where aristocratic weddings were lavish celebrations. Court musicians and dancers collaborated to provide elaborate entertainment for them. Ballet was further shaped by the French ballet de cour, which consisted of social dances performed by the nobility in tandem with music, speech, verse, song, pageant, decor and costume. When Catherine de' Medici, an Italian aristocrat with an interest in the arts, married the French crown heir Henri II, she brought her enthusiasm for dance to France and provided financial support.

A ballet of the Renaissance some 550 years ago was a far cry from the form of theatrical entertainment known to audiences today. Tutus, ballet slippers and pointe work were not yet used. The cho…

Ballet North Proudly Presents

Ballet North hopes you will enjoy this commercial!