Ballet North: Ending Dance Studio Hate

August 27th, 2009

For Immediate Release: Ending Dance Studio Hate

Ballet North has announced a major new initiative towards achieving peace among all those dance studios in Kansas City who get involved in smear campaigns, negativity, threats, intimidation, and otherwise all around bad behavior towards other dance studios.

Ballet North formally announces that all students are welcome to come and take ballet class from any and all other dance studios. We also formally announce that - as has always been the case - students from our program are welcome to take other classes at other studios as well.

In order to achieve peace and prosperity for all, the following 3 ideas are proposed:

Free markets work by letting the customer decide what is best for them - truth in advertising demands that any particular claims about dance instruction be backed up by some type of evidence be it college scholarships, professional contracts, or comparison against other samples of similar dance types easily done on the internet. Otherwise, claims and statements professing expertise in the absence of evidence are in dance, as they are in ALL other fields and professions, meaningless or outright dishonest.

1)If you want to claim it, please back it up.

There are, more or less, 90,000 children in the greater Northland region of Kansas City and if only 2% of these are inclined to take some type of dance this represents 1,800 individual students at a minimum in dance; more than likely this number is around 10% which represents abut 9,000 dance students. Pretending that any one dance studio could serve that large a populace is asinine.

2)There is more than enough to go around and the time has come for all dance studios to act responsibly and respectfully with each other in this regard.

With a responsible and respectful conduct between all dance studios, a harmony within the industry can be created which will further attract more students because the entire dance industry will start to hum with creative potential and innovation; a continued conduct of deceit and spite between dance studios creates a cold, snippy, unwelcoming vibe that any new dance student can instantly pick up on - limiting the appeal of dance to other potential students and curtailing overall growth.

3)No one wants to be around bad blood.

Any claims Ballet North makes are from hence forth, and have ever been, backed up by direct evidence be it acceptance letters to major ballet company schools, college scholarships, professional contacts, or other evidences of accomplishment and competence. Ballet North formally welcomes involvement of it's students in all other dance studios if they so choose, and Ballet North welcomes students from any other studio to take class and participate in Ballet North if they so choose.

It is time to conduct business as professionals in New York, Boston, Seattle, and all over the planet do - like Doctors do, like professionals do. We all offer unique services and we all excel in different areas. As adults, we all know this and now to grow the dance studio industry in the 21st century, a culture of openness and respect is the way forward.