Ballet North: Announcing Bonus Referral Rewards!

July 15th, 2009

Ballet North is excited to announce Bonus Referral Rewards, see below for details.

In addition to the high rate of discount for multiple lessons already built-in to our cutting-edge, state of the art ballet program, Referral Rewards will take the benefits and savings to a whole new level!

This innovative rewards plan accomplishes a one-two punch of benefits at the same time:

1)"Pow!" > Rewarding you for being on the cutting-edge of parenting by having your child involved in the classical arts (PROVEN to make real enhancements to children's academic, social and physical development) and...

2)"Pow!" > Rewarding you for helping new students to enroll in our totally unique all-ballet school and company.

Here's how it works:

The first friend or family member confirmed as being referred by you (NOT including your own children!) who enrolls for class earns you 10% off your monthly tuition for 12 months; the second enrollment of friend or family (NOT including your own children) gains an additional 10% off your original tuition for 12 months.

The limit is 3 referrals for 30% off your ORIGINAL tuition amount, for 12 months. MINIMUM ENROLLMENT TIME FOR THE REFERRED STUDENT IS 6 (SIX) MONTHS. REFERRED STUDENTS MUST TAKE CLASS FOR 12 MONTHS BEFORE THEMSELVES PARTICIPATING IN THE BONUS REFERRAL REWARDS PROGRAM. Any referral unable to complete 6 months of class cancels that 10% off amount at that time, but you will still have gotten the 10% for the time the referral was in class. [ Hey, we know in this economy anything can happen, or you can just get transferred to California. ]

Bonus Referral Rewards apply to the following class levels:

Pre-Ballet 0 for 3-year olds all the way up to Vaganova Grade 2 en Pointe.

Questions and NOTES:

"How do I take advantage of this awesome program?"
Just make sure your referred student gives your full name at the time they enroll, and the 10% is automatic and will start the next month of classes, in other words a referral that comes in during August will start your 10% off for September onwards.

NO REFERRAL REWARDS AFTER THE FACT - referrals must be given at the time of enrollment

Please contact Ballet North at 816-454-4859 or by email at if you have questions about the Bonus Rewards program.


Gustavo said…
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1. Create strategic alliances with other non-competitor businesses and give them a discount on your products and/or services if they agree to market your business in their mailings to their customers.
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