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Ballet North: PAYING $$$ TO BE COOL?

From Ballet North Coppelia Dress Rehearse 2

Ballet North in Kansas City has had a revelation. It would seem that a great many parents enroll their child in and pay a lot of money to go to hip-hop or similar type dance classes.

We have had a very hard time understanding how parents could allow their daughters and sons to strut around on stage making lewd gestures befitting a burlesque review or some seedy Las Vegas showgirl routine - this just did not compute. Until now.

"We teach kids how to be cool". This is what the combo-class, hip hop dance competition scene is really selling to all the children going to them. That means a great many parents are paying money to have someone teach their child to be cool. That is quite possibly the geekiest thing ever. Sounds almost like the elementary school bully who makes the weaker child pay him money to avoid being bullied and also to make the bully "like" the weaker child.

Cool is James Dean. Cool is Mikhail Baryshni…