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Eye in the sky or just a big ham?

Everyone should end up on a bilboard at some point in their life...

‘Romeo & Juliet’

Northland Dancer to Star in Kansas City Ballet’s ‘Romeo & Juliet’Luke Luzicka, a life-long Northland resident and Ballet North trained dancer, will star as Romeo in Kansas City Ballet’s upcoming performance of ‘Romeo & Juliet’.What is unique about Mr. Luzicka’s position in the company is that he is the ONLY dancer with the Kansas City Ballet who received all of his training in the Northland.Even more unusual is that his mother, Laura Luzicka Reinschmidt, founder of The Classical Ballet School and co-director of Ballet North was his teacher.“I knew that Luke was very talented even when he was a child,” says his mother.“At the age of six, he was the most serious of the Lost Boys in our production of Peter Pan.He was always on the count, and he always knew the steps.”Luke’s mother says he comes by his passion for dance naturally.Not only is she a former ballet dancer, but Luke’s grandparents had a passion for dancing as well.“During World War Two when my father was stationed in m…