From Ballet in Kansas City

Ballet North in Kansas City has noticed time and again parents asking either directly or through implications of their questions to "find out some information" about the study of ballet alone vs. taking combo classes or going into the competition scene why they should choose ballet or is it the best option.

So, it has occurred to us that perhaps a succinct list of reasons WHY the choice of Ballet is the absolute, head and shoulders above the rest, best choice would be opportune at this time. Here then are the top three reasons why Ballet just destroys the other choices out there:

1) REALITY. Ballet is the study of movement theory. That is, if you want to learn classical music (which is composed of harmony, symmetry, golden ratios, melody, key, and pace or timing) one must learn the theoretical foundation first, then later on one can play any song that comes along whether Bach or Led Zeppelin. Classical Ballet is the SAME as music but substitutes physical forms (the body) for sonic forms. Classical Ballet is the all-inclusive science of physical music which is why ballet dancers can do pretty much any type of dance or movement, but no other type of dancer - or athlete - can do ballet except a ballet dancer.

2) VALUE. You cannot copy someone else to learn a ballet without first knowing the theory - but you can just copy the movements with no previous training of hip hop, jazz, modern, even tap. The reason you cannot just copy ballet to learn it is because with the movement theory you must re-learn how to place, hold, and use every single joint and muscle group in your body which is why ballet dancers look so effortless and smooth and very light on their feet. So, why pay for lessons for your child to "learn" dances that could just as easily be copied at home on video?
THE ONLY TYPE OF DANCE THAT YOU ACTUALLY NEED TO PAY FOR A PROFESSIONAL TO TEACH YOU IN ORDER TO LEARN IS BALLET, ALL OTHERS ARE DERIVATIVES AND GROSSLY SIMPLIFIED. DON'T BE FOOLED BY LOUD MUSIC! Look at all the hip hop, rap, jazz and modern dancers who "did it themselves" to create some new fad. There has never been anyone in Ballet over the past 500 years ( and yes, there are millionaires in ballet too ) who could even attempt to perform it without getting professional instruction first. You have to pay for it either way, so which one sounds like it contains real value?

3) CONTENT. Do you really want your child to "learn" how to wiggle their hips, act seductive, and slink around as though they are actually working on something worth while? What a farce! Wake up! Don't get us wrong, we love Bob Fosse and many modern works just as much as anyone else but Fosse would roll in his grave to see 10, 12, even 13 year old kids trying to act like 30 year old amorous people on stage. ((Parents who go after that type of performance in the competition scene need to have their heads examined. Look, if the work is adult in nature then it HAS to have adults perform it otherwise not only is it severely uncomfortable if not illegal to watch, it looks like junk.))
Ballet remains free from all of this mess because as a complete theory of movement the artistry and demonstration of physical poetry, just like the harmony, symmetry, melody and key of classical music, is the goal of ballet, not exhibitionism or shock value via lack of clothing and screaming loud thump and bump rap.