Ballet North: PAYING $$$ TO BE COOL?

From Ballet North Coppelia Dress Rehearse 2

Ballet North in Kansas City has had a revelation. It would seem that a great many parents enroll their child in and pay a lot of money to go to hip-hop or similar type dance classes.

We have had a very hard time understanding how parents could allow their daughters and sons to strut around on stage making lewd gestures befitting a burlesque review or some seedy Las Vegas showgirl routine - this just did not compute. Until now.

"We teach kids how to be cool". This is what the combo-class, hip hop dance competition scene is really selling to all the children going to them. That means a great many parents are paying money to have someone teach their child to be cool. That is quite possibly the geekiest thing ever. Sounds almost like the elementary school bully who makes the weaker child pay him money to avoid being bullied and also to make the bully "like" the weaker child.

Cool is James Dean. Cool is Mikhail Baryshnikov. Cool is Gregory Hines or Cool and the Gang. Cool is not something you can pay another to teach you - cool is really being confident in your self, knowing you can meet and beat challenges, and having the assurance that you are up to what existence and the future may toss your way. Cool is not paying your way to be admitted into the ranks of the very people who will shatter the confidence and self-esteem of young students by teaching them that everything that matters is on the outside, wearing the right gangsta-style or ghetto-snatch. That is called materialism and didn't we just see the entire world melt-down due to far too much of this? Does anyone really want to keep paying to play such a dead-end game?

And why would you want to pay someone else to like you?

The Classical Arts and especially Classical Ballet value each and every child out there as a human being, the highest form of creation, and the most deserving of every chance to learn and develop every bit of potential. The way to do this is by focusing on what is on the inside - inner strength, inner beauty, developing complex physical skills, and gaining self confidence, self respect and the discipline to be able to continue this quest as an adult when no one will be there to coach you but you. When you are a child is the time to delve into the arts that will teach you this - not wasting time, money and effort on someone else's superficial idea of the silly notion that you should "learn" (pay $$$) to be cool. How lame is that?