‘Romeo & Juliet’

Northland Dancer to Star in Kansas City Ballet’s ‘Romeo & Juliet’

Luke Luzicka, a life-long Northland resident and Ballet North trained dancer, will star as Romeo in Kansas City Ballet’s upcoming performance of ‘Romeo & Juliet’. What is unique about Mr. Luzicka’s position in the company is that he is the ONLY dancer with the Kansas City Ballet who received all of his training in the Northland. Even more unusual is that his mother, Laura Luzicka Reinschmidt, founder of The Classical Ballet School and co-director of Ballet North was his teacher. “I knew that Luke was very talented even when he was a child,” says his mother. “At the age of six, he was the most serious of the Lost Boys in our production of Peter Pan. He was always on the count, and he always knew the steps.” Luke’s mother says he comes by his passion for dance naturally. Not only is she a former ballet dancer, but Luke’s grandparents had a passion for dancing as well. “During World War Two when my father was stationed in my mother’s hometown they used to dance up a storm at the local USO. It was a different kind of dancing from ballet,” laughs Ms. Reinschmidt. “When I was in high school my father taught me how to do the jitterbug, cha-cha, foxtrot, you name it!”

Luke graduated in 2000 from Oak Park High School. “In middle school it was really difficult for him,” says his mother. “But his junior year in high school, he and his girlfriend did the Don Quixote pas de deux in the school talent show, and got a standing ovation. After that, people thought it was pretty cool. Especially when the boys saw how strong ballet dancers have to be! In fact, several of his friends decided to give ballet a try when they saw all the pretty girls he danced with!”

After graduation from high school, Luke was accepted by American Ballet Theater in New York City, but at the age of 18, he felt uncomfortable alone in the “big city.” So he attended the University of Utah on a dance scholarship for a year. During spring break of his freshman year, he decided to try again. This time, he auditioned for his mother’s old company, Boston Ballet. He received a contract and moved to Boston in 2001. Luke danced with Boston Ballet from 2001-2006. “It was a great experience,” says Mr. Luzicka, “But I missed the wide open spaces of my hometown. It was time to come home.” He auditioned for Kansas City Ballet, and the rest, as they say is history. One of the best things about dancing in Kansas City, says Luke, is that people that he knows are in the audience. “It gives you a completely different feeling, knowing that your family and friends are watching.”

Mr. Luzicka will dance the role of Romeo this coming Friday & Saturday nights, April 25th & 26th, as well as Friday, May 2nd, 2008. All performances are at the Music Hall. For ticket information call the Kansas City Ballet at 816-931-2232.

Contact person for this article: Matthew Reinschmidt

Phone number: 816-309-6446


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lawrencelb said…
Hello there M (and L!) - I am so excited! My mom shared with me about Luke's upcoming role - and I get to come see him perform Saturday! She told me she had seen the billboard and began checking into the performance and found out it was Luke. I think of you all so often, but obviously haven't kept up...didn't know he was with the KC Ballet these days. Anyhoo, am so thrilled (by the way - also checked out Ballet North's website and am enormously impressed - am hoping to make it to see Coppelia) about how your passion has grown and am anxiously awaiting the weekend. Love to you all, Leanna Lawrence