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Parents Objectifying Their Daughters With Hip Hop

Topic Summary:

Objectification of young girls through parental choice of hip hop as extra curricular activity

Description of Hip Hop:

Hip Hop devolves from free-style rhythmic movement to rap music in particular and any modern danceable music in general. Hip Hop has absorbed many other fluid movement and stylized dance styles, but it is most notable for a deliberate injection of sexual flirtation and sexual power by way of female dancers teasing and daring to make moves that are of a deliberately provocative nature.

Summary of fault with Hip Hop:

The creation and practice or use of such a sexually charged dance form is nothing new to history, but Hip Hop carries with it an especially virulent form of culture that demands submission to communal non-values and celebration of "bad behavior" by adherents to the culture. Intimately tied into Hip Hop are the glass ceilings imposed by many minority groups against fellow human beings of the same group being allowed to ascend beyond their…