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The 99% Concept

99% of all the students who will ever take classes from The Classical Ballet School, and even those who go on to perform as company members with Ballet North, will become members of other professions or work in areas other than ballet – so why are we so committed to offering ballet classes and training to your child?

We feel that focused ballet training teaches several things to your child, other than the technique of ballet itself, and it is all about your child’s future:

First, it teaches your child that learning is a matter of focus and not a matter of sampling or starting and stopping or of “surfing” around. To learn any subject, a certain level of focus is required otherwise instead of learning what you are really doing is just “subject surfing” and not getting any benefit out of the time you are committing. “Subject surfing” is only a little better than staring at the TV for the same amount of time.

Second, it proves to your child that the rewards you get in life are directly…