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A Buck Today At Your Expense Tomorrow

There is quite a triumvirate out there now between Paris Hilton, Britney Spears-Lindsey Lohan-Madonna-etc. and the gratuitous adult content of commercials - perfectly exemplified by the "hot teacher" Hardee's ad.

In the ancient world, super-debauchery ran amok just as badly as it did today - but at any type of distance, even just a few miles, it became nearly impossible to find out about it much less have it broadcasted into your house, pc, mac, ipod, cell phone, or even newspaper. Therefore, the ability of the debauchery of the ancient world to influence behavior was confined only to those who could afford it, meaning the wealthy were the first and by in large the only ones to fall down this drain; in today's world, we are all immersed in this stuff, adults and kids alike, and for the very deliberate motive of just making a quick dollar at the expense of the rest of society.

The Roman Empire amalgamated Northern European, Middle Eastern, Black and Mediterranean peopl…