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Above Average Beauty Queen (?!?)

Here is what is wrong with all those lovely contests that put superficial values ahead of personal development and real education. Makes you wonder just what exactly are you winning should you "win" top spot. Dance Competitions are just like this as well, which is why Ballet North refuses to do them.

Click on this video window to see for yourself. If a new tab opens in your browser, X it off to return to this one as the video will play in BOTH the new tab and this video pane as well for some reason probably to do with the IQ shown in the video:

Thanks to Luke for finding this illuminating video.

When In Doubt, Check the Calendar

On the Classical Ballet School page there is a link called "Calendar". That takes you to a complete calendar for the year so if there is ever a question about holidays or the calendar hand out gets lost, you can always check the website's calendar and make sure you don't go to class for no reason!!!