Parents Objectifying Their Daughters With Hip Hop

Topic Summary:

Objectification of young girls through parental choice of hip hop as extra curricular activity

Description of Hip Hop:

Hip Hop devolves from free-style rhythmic movement to rap music in particular and any modern danceable music in general. Hip Hop has absorbed many other fluid movement and stylized dance styles, but it is most notable for a deliberate injection of sexual flirtation and sexual power by way of female dancers teasing and daring to make moves that are of a deliberately provocative nature.

Summary of fault with Hip Hop:

The creation and practice or use of such a sexually charged dance form is nothing new to history, but Hip Hop carries with it an especially virulent form of culture that demands submission to communal non-values and celebration of "bad behavior" by adherents to the culture. Intimately tied into Hip Hop are the glass ceilings imposed by many minority groups against fellow human beings of the same group being allowed to ascend beyond their starting conditions, something that has historically been celebrated and glorified in almost all Western and many Eastern cultures. This marks an especially troubling "self defeating" trend of behavior that children especially should be guarded from.

Particular Faults with Hip Hop:

1)Flaunting of female sexuality, especially by revealing the chest and rear end of the female dancer as well as shaking and rhything in such a way as to call attention to the chest and rear end of the female dancer set Hip Hop apart in terms of being completely deliberate in objectifying of women. Costuming is designed to look like, and in some cases really is, underwear. Some movements come straight out of Las Vegas stripper routines. All of this serves to put all girls engaged in Hip Hop equally into, as Ayn Rand so aptly described it, '...another aspect of a sewer that no one wanted to see'.

2)Men are allowed to wear what appears to be normal clothing setting the scene for a complete reversal of the work done in the last 80+ years for the equality of women and men.

3)By way of compromising all practitioners of Hip Hop through a universal denial of moral authority - indeed, but the worship of the very lack of moral authority as being itself somehow meritorious - a culture is created that blocks the development of creativity and mental freedom of children because nothing that is not Hip Hop in origin is allowed or tolerated, even the taking of ballet lessons by girls - a very startling new type of prejudice and yet another form of cultural suicide. In many ways this has sinister Orwellian overtones by way of the power of Hip Hop to brain wash or force compliance in behavior by its willing (or silent) members.

Solution: Parents must exercise judgment

Exercise of judgment is never judgmental when something as pervasive and warping as Hip Hop and poverty class or "ghetto" culture is involved. Where as many adult dancers and choreographers such as Bob Fosse were very free and open with their sexual use of women, none actively seeked out children to begin learning how to act like one of their adult characters. Hip Hop plainly does this as is clear to see from any exhibition or dance performance of Hip Hop or Hip Hop competitions. The allowance of a child to do an activity that strikes the parent as very inappropriate and even sexual in its tone can never be justified unless the parent is either clueless, or worse, just doesn't care - which would be a hallmark of Hip Hop ghetto culture as seen by numerous philanthropic projects attempting to improve the condition of urban core children and meeting with total indifference and lack of interest by their parents.

Should someone who is over 18 wish to don spandex pants, a small sports bra and begin a dance sequence on stage that arouses males in the audience, that is their perogative. We as adults an also decide whether or not to watch adults in this manner. Children, on the other hand, cannot possibly understand what is going on with such a scenario, and it is not art to let a deliberate social dance like Hip Hop start to train children to become like that adult dancer. The siniser undertones of similarity to a south asian child abuse ring cannot be overlooked in the deliberate recruitment of Hip Hop studios of children for the purpose of these explicit competitions, and parents are ultimately responsible for being a parent to the child, not that child's friend or enabler. Hip Hop makes deliberate attempts to subvert and gain control of the creative mind, especially of the child, but it can do nothing unless the parent goes along and pays for the classes. Accustoming the child to the awful hardship of staying away from Hip Hop until they can understand the very adult undertones of what they are doing is a very beneficial decision and will ultimately help everyone in society.