Why Perform, and Do We Have To?

Ballet North has heard it said BOTH that students LOVE to perform, and that students DREAD to perform.

Well, thankfully we have found, a long time ago, how to let both have their way!

ALL performances, whether it is Ballet North events with auditions for extra parts like Nutcracker or Swan Lake or the like AND the bi-annual "all school" production are TOTALLY OPTIONAL and have always been that way.

Ballet North does what we think is a very good job of keeping the majority of class time focussed on class with only a few class times dedicated mostly to the part in the performance for that class. The vast majority of the time, class is class. So, those who desire to perform get their time in the limelight and for those who would rather avoid that limelight (because it can be very bright...) so long as they are flexible and understanding about the few times when a large chunk of class has to be spent on the initial learning of the piece, all can have a consistent class experience.

Ballet North knows that the performance experience can be and is a major part of arts education, but it is by no means a mandatory thing because different students will learn differently and we respect that. We always have since 1977!