The Truth About Dance Education and the Future

Ballet North thinks this is the simple truth: the mind can only study one thing at a time and must have down time in between subjects, even related ones such as symbolic logic and calculus. This is certainly true for dance - there is no brain in the world that can absorb, assuming it is presented in correct technical terms to begin with - ballet technique along with jazz technique along with tap or hip hop or gymnastics or whatever else is presented. The proof lies in the longer term results of students who take these kinds of lessons. Ballet North knows they can neither pointe their feet or use their arms correctly or even hold their back up straight. Far from any consideration of becomming a professional ballet dancer or even getting a nice scholarship to college for ballet, these students of the combo class world don't have the basic fundamentals to properly work a beginner ballet class, even when 17 or 18 years old. Whatever was being paid to "learn" ballet in this type of setting is a total waste. The value of negative statements is to contrast the situation and stimulate thought. Above all, avoid the trap of thinking that just because a class contains more materials, that this automatically makes that class a good value. Ballet North says if it were a combo device like a laptop computer with a blu-ray disc, big hard drive, excellent screen and tip top multi-media interfaces, then the combo has value. A combo of diverse subjects the mind must learn at near the same time in the same class period only works if you are in the Matrix and have brain implants. Wake up, Neo!