Old World Generates New Order Necessarily

The old order of the world, or rather the previous order of the world when it reaches the end of it's ability to deal with the range of paradigm shifts that occur with the advance of applied knowledge - sciences, arts, economics - and has thus become old, will naturally generate the "walking wounded" or the "disenfranchised" or, God forbid, a healthy dose of good old alienation. Just look to the fall of pagan Rome and the rise of early Christianity where the Pope would walk right out onto the fields of battle to directly represent the interests of all those non-combatants who would suffer the outcome of hostilities. At that time, Christianity was a vibrant guide to the civilizations in the world. In today's world, the new methods and modes are inevitably causing a re-making of the whole world in the apparent absence of a higher order. At this point your own spirituality must be your guide but we are confirmed that there is still a higher order, just operating with a new name but with equal boldness. But, more to the point of this essay, while crossing this boundary from old world to new world the fundamentals of education apply in the strongest way. There would have been no Dark Age had the education of the masses, especially all children, continued through the 4th and 5th centuries - and so today, it all hinges on what we are presenting to and expecting of the next generation. Stick to the fundamentals, and it will turn out just fine. Start to think the fundamentals of an education to build character, develop the virtues and spark the mind's eye for creativity somehow don't matter, and you are guaranteeing yourself a seat on the next cruise into the Dark Ages. We'd just as soon pass on that vacation offer.